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My Letter to You

digoreng oleh Shima Batu | Saturday, June 09, 2007 | | 0 komplen »

Dear friend,
How are you today? I hope you all will health Alhamdulillah. Same with me I’m fine here, Alhamdulillah. I hope I not interrupt you time. Today, I decide to write in English although I know my English is very terrible. But I have to try. Please make a correction for me. Like as pantun maly said:
Cempedak fruit out side gate, Take the bamboo please take it,
I’m a girl new study, If mistake, please show
I want to tell you all about my story telling. One day in the nightmare of 8 may 2007, I went to muar johor by the cute red car with my friends together. There are huzir and his partner ship mariati, owie and not leaving at all zul azrin. We went to eat at somewhere in Muar (sorry I don’t know what is the place name). huzir pay for our eat. Huzir is very kind. Same with mariati. We are very happy eat together and laugh with volume very high. We don’t care if there is a man looking with angry face with us at the restaurant because he is not pay for our eat. So its up to our heart to make noisy like a Melaka central market. Otherwise, the eating place is not his father restaurant.
Here I put together our picture, capture by huzir handphone for your view. I bring together my camera but suddenly, the battery is kong… so I cannot use it. Understand?
The end of word, If I have a mistake and rough language in my writing, please forgive me. Should you require any clarification, please call me. Thank you and good bye.
The true

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